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The Austin Community

On behalf of the community of Austin, welcome!

We’re glad you’re here and are excited to share our neighborhood with you. Located on Chicago’s west side, Austin is home to historic architecture, beautiful parks, stunning churches, and wonderful neighbors. We hope you’ll use this site to explore our rich history, meet some current residents, plan to visit us for an upcoming event, and learn more about how to join our community.  Please make yourself at home:



The Austin Community pages were inspired by the “Join Us in Austin” project submitted by Annemarie Spitz, Liz Kramer, and Alix Gerber to the 2012 Design Makes Change “Sweet Homes Chicago” competition. Austin Coming Together would like to thank the “Join Us in Austin” design team and Design Makes Change for their support of the Austin community.

Link to Join Us in Austin:
Link to Design Makes Change: