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Living Wage Careers

2025 Collective Impact Goal
Place 2,790 Austin residents in living wage jobs by 2025.

Career Connect

For over 10 years, Austin’s unemployment rate has remained above 20% (U.S. Census Bureau). In 2014, in an effort to support Austin’s unemployed residents attain jobs, ACT member organizations were only able to place an estimated 15 individuals in living wage, career-track jobs. With these numbers in consideration, the need to build capacity in the community to prepare residents for quality living wage jobs is clear.

Career Connect

In 2015, ACT launched Austin Career Connect, an effort to create pathways to living wage careers for the under- and unemployed. ACT works with our member organizations to:

  1. Support under- and unemployed Austin residents enroll in high quality job readiness and training programs
  2. Build the capacity of our members to work with each other in order to improve client outcomes
  3. Advocate for better policies that create living wage jobs in Austin and for Austin residents
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