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Safe Neighborhoods

2025 Collective Impact Goal:
All Generations Participate in Repairing Harm in the Community

RJ Hubs Goals

Between April 2015 and March 2016, there were 1,907 violent crimes reported in the Austin community (Chicago Police Department), or a violent crime rate of 1,935. In addition to this high rate of interpersonal violence, community members are also impacted by structural and institutional violence of racist and classist institutions and policies.  Only by helping to restore the relationships and assets that violence destroys, can Austin begin to address the issue of violence.

Restorative Justice

In 2016, ACT is launching the Restorative Justice initiative in order to deal with high rates of interpersonal, institutional, and structural violence. The emphasis of the Restorative Justice initiative is on healing and repairing harm, rather than violent methods of retaliation and punishment. The Restorative Justice initiative will help ACT and our members to:

  1. Build stronger relationships between community members
  2. Empower neighborhood residents to resolve issues without police intervention
  3. Begin repairing systemic harm done to the community by engaging larger institutions


For more information on how ACT and our members are creating Safe Neighborhoods, contact Dollie Sherman at 773.417.8605 or