Austin is home to a diverse group of neighbors.  Some have called Austin home for generations, while others are more recent additions to the community.  They all have experiences and stories to share about what makes Austin unique.  But don’t take our word for it- we think it’s best you hear it straight from the neighbors!  Browse the introductions below:


When these neighbors were looking for their first home, they didn’t just want a house, they wanted to find a community they could contribute to.  They needed a neighborhood with easy access to downtown and wanted a house big enough to start a family one day.  They love the block they joined and have great advice about how to get involved. (“Share experiences about buying a home”)


Austin’s big yards and convenient parks are great for these neighbors with school-aged children.  The parents are active in the local schools and have the inside story on raising a family in Austin.  They wanted a community feel for their kids and found it in neighborhood that’s also convenient to work. (“Share your Experiences in Raising A Family”)


These Austin residents are realizing the dream of picking their neighbors!  They’re investing in rental properties, and welcoming new neighbor-approved residents in their area.  They have lots of experience in the process of buying and remodeling many kinds of homes. (“Get the Inside Scoop on Purchasing Property in Austin”)

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