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Quality Early Learning

2025 Collective Impact Goal:
All Austin Children Have Access to High Quality Early Learning Programs

Early Learning Goals

In 2014, approximately 3,900 children, ages 0 to 5, in Austin were living at or below the poverty line. These children have the potential to benefit the most from quality early learning programs but unfortunately their families often encounter the most barriers to enrollment.

Early Learning Matters

In 2016, the Austin Early Childhood Collaborative, a group of ACT members, launched Early Learning Matters, an initiative to increase access to quality early learning programs for Austin’s highest need children. Early Learning Matters will help ACT and our members to:

  1. Identify and enroll children in high quality early learning programs
  2. Build the capacity of existing early learning programs to provide high quality supports to young children their families.
  3. Advocate for systemic changes that create greater access to early learning programs

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