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    The cone baker is the perfect addition to ice cream parlors, frozen yogurt shops, or any venue that needs to produce delicious waffle cones. This giant waffle cone baker will evenly and neatly bake your waffle cones. The push button controls make operation easy and hassle-free. Stainless steel construction resists corrosion and is easy to clean. The 1,000 watts of heating input power ensure quality and consistent results every time.
    This cone baker adopted full stainless steel material surface body
    With five minutes setting , all cast-aluminum non-stuck surface .
    The diameter of surface is 210mm
    Fast working efficiency and easy operation work surface
    * Built from high quality stainless steel for honorable exterior design, easy cleaning and long-lasting service
    * Good quality thermostat to heat the cones at optimum temperatures
    * Stay-cool handle with good heat insulation effect
    * Non-stick cone plates to remove cooked cones and wipe clean easily
    * High energy-efficiency operation with low energy consumption
    *Convenient and easy to use cone baker without sophisticated handling techniques
    Mtaterial: stainless steel housing
    Thermosat: 50~300 degree
    Timer: 5 mins
    Cooking plate size: 210MM
    Cooking plate material: casting aluminium
    All stainless steel construction
    Non stick surface, easy clean
    Thermostat control
    ● Push button controls make for easy operation
    ● Stainless steel construction resists corrosion and is easy to clean
    ● 1000 watts of heating power
    XGP-2220-2401+1360x500x230Snack Machine manufacturers

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