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    November 19, 2019, as a leading supplier in the recombinant antibody field, Creative Biolabs aims to provide high-quality services and products to clients in the academia and industry fields all over the world. Recently, Creative Biolabs released cd25 monoclonal antibody for research use. This product is applied in the immunoassay techniques such as: flow cytometry. With six-month development, scientists from Creative Biolabs had developed cd25 monoclonal antibody with high quality and professional processing procedures. However, this is used for research use, not for any clinical use.

    CD25 is a cytokine which plays a significant role in the proliferation of T and B lymphocytes. The receptor of cd25 monoclonal antibody is a heterotrimeric protein complex with a gamma chain which is shared by interleukin 4 and interleukin 7. IL2RA, IL2R beta chain, and the IL2R gamma chain are composing of the high-affinity IL2 receptor. Homodimeric IL2RA chains are able to produce low-affinity receptor, homodimeric IL2RB chains are built to produce a medium-affinity receptor. The expression of IL2 in mature thymocytes is a single allele, representing an abnormal regulatory pattern that controls the precise expression of a single gene. IL2 is produced primarily by mature T cells. IL2 plays an important role as a growth factor, differentiation factor and cell death regulator. IL-2 stimulates the proliferation of B cells, enhances the activity of natural killer cells, and inhibits the formation of granulocyte macrophage colonies. Targeted disruption of a similar gene in mice leads to ulcerative colitis-like disease, suggesting that it plays a role in the immune response to antigen stimulation. Mutations in this gene are associated with a deficiency in interleukin 2 receptor alpha.

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