Austin Quality of Life Plan: Community Summit #1

On Saturday, July 29th , Austin Coming Together (ACT) and our members kicked off the Austin Quality of Life Planning process with a community summit held at By The Hand Club.   The objective of the summit was to have community members identify actions to take over the 5 years to create a more thriving Austin community. With over 200 community members participating in the summit, ACT, along with the Austin Quality of Life Plan Steering Committee and Local Initiatives Support Corporation Chicago (LISC), facilitated a successful event that resulted in consensus around 7 ideas to take action on over the next 5 years:

  1. Create and execute a youth centered empowerment and inclusion plan
  2. Develop Austin community homeowners initiatives
  3. Create a new community narrative around the concepts of “Amazing Austin!” and “Bridge to Opportunity”
  4. Facilitate collaborative community involvement
  5. Foster a Commitment to Lifelong Learning by creating a pathway to prosperity
  6. Economic Revitalization in and by Austin
  7. Collaborate and Advocate for a Safe and Thriving Austin

Working groups have already started to meet in order to develop the 7 ideas listed above into strategies and projects.   They will report back to the community at the second of three community summits on Saturday November 11.  We encourage everyone to participate and lead the quality of life planning process with your fellow friends, neighbors, and family members. This process is about strengthening our collective efforts and recognizing that the wisdom and the solutions are within our community!  For more information, contact Jose Abonce at 

For full photo album click here
For full list of working group meetings click here


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