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Thanks to all who supported our 5th Annual ACT Membership Awards Fundraiser

Celebrating the Power of Collaboration!

June 14, 2019 was Austin Coming Together’s 2019 Membership Awards presented by Wells Fargo.
This annual event recognizes some of our members and partners who are making notable contributions to our common agenda, Thrive 2025.

Since 2010, ACT has been dedicated to Austin, focusing on: 1) Improving access to human services 2) Attracting public and private investment to support those services 3) Building capacity for policy change. We could not have gained the traction we have now without the strong relationships we have built over the years. That’s why the theme of this year’s Membership Awards was “The Power of Collaboration.”

Awards were given to these individuals and groups:

  • Champion of Collective Impact in Austin – Wells Fargo
  • Excellence in Early Childhood Development – Natasha-Smith Walker, Executive Director of Project Exploration
  • Excellence in Housing and Neighborhood Development – Rev. Steve Epting
  • Excellence in Neighborhood Safety and Youth Development – Jermaine Harris, 15th District CPD Community Policing Sergeant
  • Excellence in Workforce Development – Cara Chicago
  • ACT Member of the Year – Kids First Chicago
  • In honor of the legacy of the late Mildred Wiley, we will be recognizing an outstanding Austin resident for their dedication to the community with the first ever Mildred Wiley Community Fire Award – Deborah Williams with Habilitative Systems Inc.

Click here to see pictures from our 2019 Membership Awards.

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