Hub Coordinator

Chicago, IL
Salary: $40,000.00 /year

*To be considered for the position, applicants must submit a COVER LETTER and RESUME

Organization Description

Austin Coming Together is the backbone support organization for a broad network of private, public and non-profit organizations that share a vision for a thriving Austin community. Our mission is to increase the collective impact of our member organizations on education and economic development outcomes in the Austin community of Chicago. Our work is driven by our core values of unity, commitment, transparency, collaboration and action. ACT works to achieve its Thrive 2025 goals through three strategic imperatives: Enhancement of service delivery, Community Planning and Policy Change.

Project Description

ACT’s primary initiative to enhance the service delivery of our member organizations is the ACT Community Hub. The Hub is part of a larger network of Restorative Justice hubs in Chicago that operate under 5 core pillars – radical hospitality (providing a welcoming and hospitable place for community members), accompaniment (of youth and families on referrals), building relationships with youth and families, relentless engagement of systems and stakeholders, and contributing to a learning community (both within Austin and the larger RJ network). These pillars and ACT values will guide collaborative action in the Hub. The ACT Hub maintains a regular calendar of events, workshops and open hours in order to engage a wide variety of stakeholders from the Austin community. Through this engagement strategy ACT connects a diverse array of individuals with supports provided by ACT member organizations. Hub participants have the option of receiving one-on-one consultation with ACT staff to discuss their needs and interests, establish a plan, and receive a warm referral to a member program.

Position Description

The Hub Coordinator engages Austin residents at ACT’s Community Hub and accompanies them to supportive individuals and organizations in the ACT network. This includes, but is not limited to, facilitating talking circles and group information sessions, one-to-one counseling, management of ACT’s coordinated intake and referral system, and accompanying residents to supportive services. The Hub Coordinator will be facilitating the bulk of direct service at ACT, therefore it is imperative that he/she reflects ACT’s values, maintain a client-centered approach and perform the work with integrity.


Participant Services

  • Facilitate learning sessions at the ACT Network Hub for local residents interested in ACT member organizations resources’ including: job training programs, supportive services, mental and physical health referrals, home buying resources and daycare
  • Work with Hub and member organization staff to stay up-to-date on residents that are interested in one-on-one consultation
  • Conduct one-on-one intake assessments with individuals interested in referral services and supportive services
  • Carry a moderate caseload (15-20) of participants who need ongoing support to take advantage of local programs
  • Maintain a client-centered approach during direct engagement work
  • Periodically meet participants at other community institutions to conduct assessments
  • Whenever possible accompany participants during referrals to programs and supportive services
  • When appropriate engage participant family members during support stage and for additional referrals

Community Engagement

  • Facilitate Austin Advocates circle to develop relationships with local Austin Outreach and Service workers and collaborate on participant cases
  • Work with ACT Engagement Coordinator to supplement community engagement
  • Attend 2-3 relevant community meetings, events or workshops each month to share ACT resources, information on the ACT Hub and coordinated intake and referral

Data Entry and Participant Tracking

  • Complete intake paperwork and enter client notes in ACT data management system
  • Work with Network Manager to create monthly coordinated intake and referral report for partners
  • Maintain database of all community residents who access services, workshops and events at the ACT Hub

Relationship Management

  • Maintain relationships with program and direct service staff at member organizations receiving ACT referrals and operating out of the ACT Hub
  • Regularly communicate with member organization frontline staff to monitor status of participant referrals
  • Meet with frontline staff interested in establishing a new relationship with ACT as needed
  • Coordinate sub-committees and collaboratives of member organizations as needed


  • Stay up to date on policy and systems level changes that affect participants and community members


  • Bachelors degree in social work or other relevant field + 1-2 years relevant work experience
  • Belief in every individual and family’s agency in determining their futures
  • Microsoft Office Proficient
  • Comfort and experience in delivering presentations and public speaking
  • Experience with facilitating peace circles
  • Demonstrated ability and/or willingness to network and develop and maintain relationships with a wide network of professionals and community members
  • Commitment to ACT’s mission, vision and values
  • Complete tasks, effectively manage time and demonstrate flexibility
  • Preferred experience working and/or living in Westside neighborhoods, specifically Austin
  • Preferred experience delivering direct service delivery or community development
  • Preferred knowledge of client-centered and motivational interviewing approaches to service delivery

*To be considered for the position, applicants must submit a COVER LETTER and RESUME


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