Agenda 2025

The Need for Collective Impact

Due to the size, complexity, and need for resources in Austin, efforts by various stakeholders to improve the quality of life in the community are often uncoordinated and disjointed. Many families have limited access to the supports they need, non-profit organizations compete rather than collaborate, and public institutions find themselves disconnected from their constituencies.     This “silo-effect” creates conflict, miscommunication, and inefficiency within Austin’s community development system and counteracts collective efforts to create positive change in Austin. Beginning in 2010, ACT began facilitating community meetings in order to discuss this lack of coordination in Austin. Over the next 5 years, ACT engaged over 2,000 community stakeholders in these discussions and designing solutions.

ACT’s Agenda 2025

In 2015, Austin Coming Together released its common agenda for the entire ACT network in order to build a fully resourced system of supports for Austin with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life in Austin by 2025. We will measure Austin’s quality of life through four critical community well-being indicators—1) the percentage of third grade students in Austin public schools meeting and exceeding state reading and math standards, 2) the number of families living below the federal poverty line, 3) the rate of violent crime, and 4) median residential property values. We will improve the quality of life through by pursuing 4 bold collective impact goals:






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